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90                       THE FATE OF MAN

only with Christianity, but with general human-
istic morals. The purely erotic relationship
excluding the ethical, cannot be maintained
toward anything on earth; not toward the nation,
not toward humanity. We must have not only
eros, but ethos, connected with the dignity of

Nationalism denies this. Nationalism involves
not only love of one's own, but hatred of other
nations, and hatred is usually a stronger motive
than love. Nationalism preaches either seclusion,
isolation, blindness to other nations and culture,
self-satisfaction and particularism, or else expan-
sion at the expense of others, conquest, subjection,
imperialism. And in both cases it denies Chris-
tian conscience, contraverts the principle and the
habits of the brotherhood of man. Nationalism is
in complete contradiction to a personal ethic; it
denies the supreme value of human personality.
Modern Nationalism dehumanizes ethics, it de-
mands of man that he renounce humanity. It is
all one and the same process, in Communism as in
Nationalism. Man's inner world is completely at
the mercy of collectivism, national or social.

Nationalism and Socialism (in its broad sense)
are two forces in our modern world which fight
against each other, but on occasion can marvel-
lously adapt themselves to one another and
even be mingled together. In its more classical,